Compliance & Repayment

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Work Service Obligations

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Scholarship Office (CSO) was established for the purpose of assisting eligible residents who wish to pursue their post-secondary studies from within or outside of the Commonwealth or obtain a certificate at the Northern Marianas Technical Institute (NMTI) and Latte Training Academy (LTA) or any trade institution in the United States or its territories.  All aid given is annually appropriate by the CNMI legislature or from CSO revenues generated from donations, student loans, or the collections of student loans or defaulted student work service obligations that have turned into loans upon default.  This is the government's way of supporting our residents to build capacity in the hopes that recipients will help build the Commonwealth’s economy; therefore, it is the policy of the program that all funds used for this purpose be repaid through work service in our communities in the Northern Mariana Islands.  The goal is to help educate and train our eligible residents so they may return to the Commonwealth and contribute to our workforce.  

This work service obligation is outlined in the terms and conditions of the Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) that the students sign prior to accepting any aid form the Scholarship Office.  In the event that a previous recipient fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the MOA, mandatory repayment of all aid received must be paid back in the form of a student loan.  MOA may vary from program to program as to when these programs were administered, kindly refer to recipient's copies of MOAs for more information.  Individual copies of MOA may be obtain from the Scholarship Office after paying a fee. 

For more information please contact our Compliance and Repayment Officer at (670) 664-4752 or e-mail for direct assistance.