The CNMI Scholarship Office has established deadlines so that we may efficiently process applications, request and disburse awards, properly allocate funding per academic year, and to meet the applicants' s terms.  Please visit our student portal, create an account, complete the e-application and click on the finalized button to submit your e-application.  Incomplete applications are not submitted, hence will not be valid.

The following are important deadlines to keep in mind:

e-Applications Deadlines

The Student Portal  will be open 60-days prior to the deadlines for students to complete an e-application for the subsequent school year/term(s).  Access to the e-application will be disabled midnight of the deadline.NOTE Missing the e-application deadline is not appealable. 

July 1st -->  Annual Deadline, application good for entire academic year.

December 15th -->  Mid-year Deadline for Winter/Spring Term.


Supporting Documents Deadlines

TERMS                                                                      DEADLINE

Fall Semester/Quarter                                               September 30th

Winter Quarter & Spring Semester                            February 28th

Spring Quarter                                                           April 1st