About Us

The CNMI Scholarship Office (CSO) is an autonomous public agency primarily responsible for providing resources for postsecondary education. Our primary mission is to provide financial assistance to eligible Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) residents who wish to pursue their postsecondary education. This mission is designed to enhance the government's support of our students, and their families, leading to the prosperity and economic growth of the people in the CNMI. Also, to further the government's efforts in insuring our communities' economic sustainability through strategically placing our resources throughout our communities in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.  

As a key stakeholder in the CNMI, who is responsible for education and workforce development, we are committed to building the CNMIs economic stability and growth by maximizing our efforts and directing our resource towards ensuring stability.  We are diligently working to align all efforts in locating, educating, training, and participating in all other initiatives with the CNMI workforce needs, especially that of the CNMIs economic sectors.  In doing so, we are preparing U.S. Citizens and other lawful permanent residents for jobs in the CNMIs workforce.

Also, CSO is committed to providing recipients information through collaboration with the public and private sectors regarding employment opportunities in our local workforce. Find us on www.facebook.com/cnmischolarship for updated job announcements throughout our communities.

Beginning academic year 2016/2017, through collaboration with and approval of the CSO Board of Directors, we have established a list of Priority Fields of Study based on what has been reported and data collected from numerous reports such as the USCIS, CNMI Contract Workers counts, CNMI W2 reports, CNMI Department of Commerce Census Reports, CNMI Department of Labor, CNMI Prevailing Minimum Wage Report etc.  In relation to our degree programs, these fields were reported as the top highly needed within our communities to develop our economy and address the mandates of US PL110-229.

CSO will continue to strive to identify financial resources for higher education and workforce development in forms of programs for our communities.

Our mailing address is:



P.O. Box 5729 CHRB

Saipan, MP 96950

TEL:  (670) 664-4750

Board of Directors

Geralyn C. Dela Cruz (Saipan)

Reyna M. Saures (Saipan)
Vice Chairwoman

Charlene S. Mesiwemai (Saipan)

Tianna Lynn Hofschneider

Vacant (Rota)

E-mail the Board of Directors
Contact:  (670) 664-4750

The CNMI Scholarship Office

Rose Pangelinan Camacho
Contact:  (670) 664-4750


Carmen Sablan
Administrative Officer
E-mail Carmen
Contact:  (670) 664-4750

Jovene R. Ogo
Administrative Assistant
Contact:  (670) 664-4750


Financial Aid Officer

Coryn A. Achas
Financial Aid Rep

Blair T. Palacios
Financial Aid Clerk

E-mail Coryn or Blair (for all matters pertaining to scholarships, applications and/or student portal)
Contact:  (670) 664-4750


Mildred Sablan-Camacho
Compliance & Repayment Officer
E-mail Mildred
Contact:  (670) 664-4752

Jocelyn Blas
Compliance Clerk
Contact:  (670) 664-4752


Monica V. Manibusan
Workforce Program Coordinator
E-mail Monica
Contact:  (670) 664-4752

Aileen Farley
Workforce Development Coordinator
E-mail Aileen
Contact:  (670) 664-4752


Carmen Sablan
CNMI-WICHE Student Representative
E-mail Carmen
Contact:  (670) 664-4750

Last Updated 1/8/2020