Rose P. Camacho
Nov 2012 - Present

Rose serves as the Administrator of the CNMI Scholarship Office.  In her capacity, she manages the overall operations and oversees eight employees.  Under Rose’s leadership, her and her team are responsible to provides financial assistance for post-secondary, graduate/post-graduate, and vocational education and assists approximately 1200 applicants annually, manages an average annual budget of approximately $4 Million, maintains graduate and academic progress/achievement data of approximately 7600 students, and enforces work service and loan repayment obligations.  In addition, Rose makes policy recommendations to the Board of Directors, implements programs, and policies, and provides student data to local and federal partners.  As a key stakeholder in the CNMI workforce development, Rose explores, recommends, and implements initiatives to improve the program and builds bridges for regional and national collaboration to bring more opportunities to the CNMI.  She also recommends legislation and provides comments on bills relevant to the program.  Recently (FY 2018), she was given the responsibility to administer the Commonwealth Workers’ Education Funds funded by US Public Law 110-229.  To ensure CSO's mandates are met, Rose collaborates with training and education institutions in the CNMI on workforce initiatives and is required to report on the performance measures on the effectiveness and efficiency of programs.  Prior to serving as the Administrator, Rose held several positions at the Coastal Resources Management as an executive secretary, federal grants financial manager, and Natural Resource Planner.  Prior to this, she held the position of a legal assistant with the CNMI Department of Public Safety for eight and a half years.

Rose serves as the State Certifying Officer for the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE), the Lead for Metrics, Evidence & Results on the CNMI Team to Complete College America.  She is a member of several CNMI working groups such the Workforce Development Taskforce, Strategic Workforce Action Team (SWAT), 2018 Education Submit Steering Committee, CNMI Area Health Education Center Community Advisory Council, CNMI Student Loan Repayment Program Advisory Committee, and Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). 

Under Rose's leadership, she has brought the CNMI Scholarship Office nationally and are now members of organizations such as:  the National Association of Scholarships and Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), National Council on Workforce Education (NCWE), and National Student Clearing House. In 2016, Rose partnered with one of the Top 10 medical schools in the Nation - Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine and established what is now the Washington University and Mariana Islands (WUMI) Internship Program.  She recognized the importance and need to increase the representation of Pacific Islander professionals and leaders in the sciences, medical sciences, and allied healthcare sciences and hopes this representation will help improve healthcare, reduce health disparities and solve many environmental challenges facing our islands today.

Rose is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management with Walden University.



Kathleen DLG. Basa
Financial Aid Officer
October 2018 - August 2019

Kathleen’s main duties include overseeing the review and collection of documents for financial aid awarding and completion under the Scholarships and Grants section of the CNMI Scholarship Office. She provides assistance to inquiries regarding financial aid such as tuition and fees, refunds, and other related information. Kathleen is also involved with the processing of awards and assisting with Scholarship & Grants projects, reports, correspondences, and outreaches. She is in charge of helping students who are in need of assistance with filling out applications or selecting the financial aid program most suited for their needs and capacities. She is also responsible for providing award updates to applicants with adherence to the CNMI Scholarship policies.  In her role, she supervises one employee under her section.

Kathleen currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the Northern Marianas College, where she was employed prior to becoming the Financial Aid Officer. She began her work career as an administrative assistant for the Community Development Institute (CDI) at the Northern Marianas College where she later became a Cooperative Trainee, Mentor, and Tutor for the Cooperative Research Extension & Education Services (CREES) department, Counseling Office, and PROA Center, respectively. Working for CDI allowed her to gain valuable insight through the exposure to various community development programs such as the Workforce Apprenticeship and Area Health & Education Center programs which provide training platforms for workforce, computer literacy, and On-the-Job Trainings to members of our community as well as preparatory courses to assist our prospective nurses with the NCLEX exam. This insight, accompanied by the knowledge obtained as a cooperative trainee and her experience in assisting students one-on-one through tutoring and mentoring allowed her to realize the impactful role that education has in expanding and strengthening the workforce of our island and in providing a multitude of opportunities for growth in our community. She realizes that success starts with the student, so she is grateful to be a part of an organization that provides students with the opportunity and support to further their education in the path to achieve their dreams.


Coryn A. Achas
Scholarship & Grants Clerk II

January 2017 - Present

Coryn started out as a Workforce Investment Agency (WIA) Trainee and soon became a permanent employee. She currently works with the Scholarship and Grants section of the CNMI Scholarship Office as the Scholarship and Grants Clerk II. Her main duties include assisting the Financial Aid Officer in receiving documents, maintaining and updating recipient folders such as filing documents and retrieving folders for review, and other related scholarship needs. She is also responsible for maintaining an up-to-date listing for the Scholarship and Grants student online portal, manage the student portal and communicate all error to the IT specialist. She also assist with inquiries on Scholarship and Grants concerns, the review, processing, and disbursement of awards. Her duties as a Clerk II also include to log, scan, and tag all documents to the Laserfiche system, and maintain the reception area. Coryn’s extended duties also include performing secretarial duties for the Administrator and perform other related duties and responsibilities as assigned by the administrator or designee.

Coryn participated in the CNMI Liberation Royal Court and was crowned 2016 Miss CNMI Liberation Royal Princess.  She is now pursuing her Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration with Colombia Southern University.




Carmen P. Sablan
Administrative Officer
Secretary to the Board of Directors
CNMI WICHE Student Representative
April 2017 - Present

Carmen serves as the Administrative Officer for the CNMI Scholarship Office. Her role and responsibility consists of reviewing and reconciling funding expenditures with financial reports and maintaining the internal financial ledger for the office. She oversees the preparation of all travel authorizations, purchase requisitions, personnel actions, payroll, training and development of staff, and all processing and routing of documents to each respective departments. Carmen also provides support to the Administrator in project planning and management for stated goals and objectives both locally and regionally. She serves as CNMI's CSO Western Interstate Commission for High Education (WICHE) Student Representative, handles the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) applications for students applying under the various programs offered.   In this role, she conducts outreach for all CSO's WICHE Programs to high school students and other stakeholders.  Lastly, along with the many role she holds at CSO, Carmen, serves as the Secretary to the CSO Board of Directors (BOD) and responsible for scheduling board meetings and enuring that travel authorizations are processed, prepares the venues for board meetings, prepares meeting packages for all Directors, handles and prepares Student Scholarship Appeals for the Board of Directors Committee on Appeals, and takes and prepares meeting minutes.

Carmen is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Art degree in Human Resource Management with Columbia Southern University.


Jovene R. Ogo
Administrative Assistant

December 2013 - Present

Jovene is an Administrative Assistant under the Administration Section and serves as CSO's Official Timekeeper and responsible for preparing and processing CSO time sheets and payroll matters.  She is also responsible for the collection and deposits of all student loan repayment and prepares quarterly and annual reports for the Administrator.  Jovene assists the Administrative Officer with all procurement matters and vendors by preparing and processing all purchase requisitions and orders, procurement contracts, maintaining vendor sub-ledgers, preparing travel authorizations for both the staff and the Board of Directors.  She also keeps an inventory of all CSO supplies and equipment and assists with other HR matters, such as processing and routing of personnel actions and contracts and other on-boarding matters.

Jovene currently holds an AAS degree in Accounting from Purdue University Global as of May 2018.




Mildred C. Sablan-Camacho
Compliance & Repayment Officer

January 2016 - Present

Mildred is currently working as the Compliance and Repayment Officer for the CNMI Scholarship Office for the past three years, where she has assisted a multitude of former recipients meet their compliance obligations.  Her main duties include the coordination, supervision and collections of former recipients’ academic achievement data and payments on loans and direct supervision of two other employees in her section.  She works on a case by case basis to ensure each client has complied with the requirements set forth by the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) upon receiving their scholarship funds.  Moreover, she also assists previous recipients with reasonable payment plans as well as deferments and forbearance requests.  In addition, she monitors and is responsible for the updates of former recipient Masterlist.

Mildred has an Associates in Arts degree from the University of Phoenix in 2012 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Columbia Southern University.  With her educational background, Mildred brings with her extensive work experiences gained from both the public and private sectors.  She has more than ten years of banking knowledge and experience which she acquired during her employment at the Bank of Saipan as an Operations Officer.  Her public or government work experience includes Office of Personnel Management, Department of Public Health, Marianas Visitors Bureau and the NMI Retirement Fund.


Aileen M. Farley
Workforce Development Coordinator

April 2017 - Present

Aileen serves as CSO’s Workforce Development Coordinator under the Compliance & Repayment Section.  Her main duties include assisting Compliance & Repayment Officer linking recipients with available employment upon completion of their degrees.  She is also responsible for recruiting graduates and undergraduates into fellowship and internship programs.  Aileen also tracks prior recipients whom have graduated or whom have discontinued enrollment to ensure their compliance requirements are met.  In addition, she assists in data maintenance and collection of current and former recipients.  

Prior to joining the CSO Team, Aileen worked as a substitute teacher for the Public School System.  After working at the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for 12 years she decided to focus on completing her degree at NMC and was a stay-at-home mom until she joined the CNMI Scholarship Team in April 2017.   Aileen's volunteer work included a period of two months with the Guma Espiranza on Saipan. 

Currently, Aileen is pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Education, with an emphasis in Rehabilitation & Human Services at the Northern Marianas College. 



Jocelyn T. Blas
Compliance Clerk

January 2016 - Present

Jocelyn began her employment with the CNMI Scholarship Office as a Workforce Investment Agency (WIA) Trainee. She then was hired as a full-time employee and currently works in the Compliance & Repayment section as a Compliance Clerk II. Her main duties include assisting the Compliance & Repayment Officer in receiving, maintaining and updating former recipient files. She also assists in the verification, research and analysis of former recipients to ensure their compliance requirements are met. Additionally, she assists in the data maintenance and collection of current and former recipients' academic achievement data along with their CNMI employment data.

Before she joined the CSO team, Jocelyn was a stay-at-home mother and spent many hours volunteering her time to Dandan Middle School and San Vicente Elementary School in areas such as Mother Read Father Read, Partners in Print, and Early Childhood Development.  She has been a volunteer coach for the Dandan Comets since 2011. Her previous employment includes working in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry at Hyatt Regency Saipan. 

Jocelyn is currently pursuing a Associate of Art degree in Business Administration with Columbia Southern University.



Workforce Program Coordinator (VACANT since April 29, 2019)