Graduate Loan

Graduate School Student Loan (GSSL)

A loan is offered for eligible CNMI residents who are in pursuit of their graduate/post-graduate degrees.  Funds for GSSL are contingent upon the availability of funds and amounts will be determined after the application deadline of July 1st.  He/She may be enrolled part-time or full-time and must first meet the following statutory requirements:

All CNMI Scholarship Office financial assistance has a work service payback.  A recipient who returns and performs work in/for the Commonwealth within six months of graduation or non-enrollment will not pay interest on their GSSL and has a repayment plan of six years maximum (72 payments or less).  However, should an applicant not return and perform work for the Commonwealth within the six months time allowed, their GSSL will be penalized with a 5% annual interest rate and must be paid in full or may go on a six years repayment plan.

An applicant must create a student profile, complete the online application, and submit a completed PACKET no later than the following established annual deadlines.


Last Updated 11/28/2022